Sunday, 4 April 2010

iPod Drive Tunes (2)

So before I write this I am wondering if maybe its boring to others to read about the music that accompanied me when I drive? Its just that so often when I'm driving a song comes on and I think gosh this is so great/sad/bad/funny I wish I could share it. I add the links so that you can give it a listen and hope that you also think this is so great/sad/bad/funny I'm glad I heard that today. So if it's boring tell me and I'll ... well I'll probably still write it but at least I'm not thinking that everyone else is loving it *grin*

Saturday I drove up to see Dad on my own. It was a great drive. It reminded me of driving up the coast to see dad before I had kids. Music blaring, not noticing how long the drive is because there are no kids yelling in the background.

The hour drive meant I listened to a lot of music ... loudly !!! Here are a few that caught my ears:

Barry Louis Polisar - All I want is you. This is one of the things that I love about soundtracks. You come across songs that you would never hear elsewhere. I have visions of singing this song at a wedding. For someone who doesn't want to get married I often hear songs that I think would go great at my wedding, or someone else's. To be fair I often hear songs that I think I'd like to play at my funeral as well. There's a blog post (or 2) in that somewhere.

Brooklyn Funk Essentials - Istanbul Twilight. I love this album, its a mixture of global sounds and hip hop beats. Istanbul just happened to be the track that graced my drive but I don't think its my favourite ... actually I don't know what my favourite is.

Prodigy - Voodoo People. This is also a soundtrack favourite. Its from the Hackers soundtrack. If you haven't seen it you should but you'll need to be in the mood for a crazy young 90's flick. It's one of my top 10 (maybe 20) movies of all time. The song really needs to be played loud. My one criticism is that its a bit to long for such a repetitive tune. But really it does get into your blood if you play it loud.

Seth Sentry - The Waitress. I don't know if I actually like this song, but I like the lyrics "the relationship is built on breakfast, I'm waiting on her just to wait on me". Its from Triple J Hottest 100. Which has really become my best link to new popular music ever since I have let myself get sooo out of the loop.

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