Sunday, 4 April 2010

Conversations with a 5 year old (Easter Bunny?)

This morning I snuck out to place easter eggs around the backyard like loads of other parents. Hiding the little gold bunnies and a few hollow eggs that I had brought lovingly all around the yard.

Andrew then gathered the boys together and reminded them that maybe the easter bunny had come overnight. And with a cheer both boys ran out into the rain to find their eggs. They took their time in spite of the rain and shared their cache to make sure it was even and then at last they both found their little gold bunnies with a red ribbon and gold bell around their necks.

They had grins from ear to ear and for a moment it was lovely. Then ...

Jack: Look mummy!! (Pointing at the bar code on the bottom of the bunny)
AB: (quietly to me) did you forget to take the sticker off?
Me: (quietly back) you can't take the sticker off its what holds the whole bunny wrapper together
Jack: what's that doing on there? .... Mummy is the easter bunny really real?
Hamish: (eagerly holding out his eggs as proof) yep Jack he is real!
Me: (after a pause) yes of course he is babe, I don't know why the sticker is on there
Jack: Really? (Looking at me suspiciously)
Me: don't question it babe, just eat your chocolate

Somehow I don't think I'm cut out for this mummy thing. I can't decide what felt worse? lying to him or knowing that he didn't buy my lie and that he no longer believes in the easter bunny?


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