Tuesday, 1 June 2010

10 Years On.

Yesterday was the anniversary of Mums death. Its been 10 years. Amazing how major life events seem to move so quickly and yet so slowly into the past all at once.

So yesterday the boys and I gathered some flowers from the gardens in the street and set them up around some candles. We also placed a photo near the candles. Its interesting to watch the boys process the idea that my mother died. I think that it hits upon a lot of ideas for them. That I can be sad about missing someone. And also that mothers are people who one day will die.

We have had a few gorgeous comments from the boys on the topic.

1. Hamish completely out of the blue decided to ask Trish the other day if she knew that my mum had died and that I got sad sometimes. Its quiet amazing how frankly he talks about it. For him it almost like saying "Trish, did you know that sometimes mummy eats apples? And she thinks they are yummy"

2. Jack asked what happened to mums body. When I mentioned that we had her cremated he asked "when they burn the bodies mum, do they burn the bones as well?". Once I told him they did he looked really sad. I asked him what was wrong and he told me he was sad that they burnt her bones. He would have liked to keep her head bone. (Ok slightly morbid but it has a sweetness behind it that I love)

All in all the last few days we have all talked about mum a lot. Its not hard anymore. In fact its lovely that even though my kids will never meet her she is still a part of their lives.

Miss you mum, always xx

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