Thursday, 29 July 2010

Small Thing #15 - Surviving a Bad Day.

Yesterday Hamish was in a bad mood. Normally when his bad moods arrive on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday I thank my lucky stars because he is in preschool. Yesterday however, there was an excursion and parents were invited. We walked from preschool up to the main street,  to a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch.

It had the potential to be a lovely day.  14 kids sitting round the table while we all tried new foods and talked about different cultures. And for most of the table it was ... except for Hamish and I.

From drop off, Hamishs bad mood was something that we were obviously going to need to deal with, together.

I could go into what I tried and how it all worked but the surviving didn't come down to him it came down to me. Somehow within the hours of him trying to push my buttons, yelling and doing his damnedest to make me cranky, I managed to keep it together. Sure I yelled a little and I had almost murderous thoughts but mostly I took deep breaths and tried to shrug off his mood.

Think about it, when was the last time someone was obviously trying to bait you? How did you react? Did your reactions show the best of you? Or the worst?

It a pretty wonderful thing when someone is pushing and pulling you and you manage to keep it all together. Actually its more than wonderful, its fantastic.

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