Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Small things #10 - Sleeping In

Laying in bed you hear a car pass, birds twittering, a plane overhead or children playing. You open your eyes to see the room lit in an unexpected way and roll over to look at the clock. You realise that you have slept in. Not the sort of sleeping in that leaves you in a mad panic trying to get ready and be at work as quickly as possible. But the sort of sleeping in that comes on a lazy Sunday morning where the most you had planned for the day was putting a load of washing on.

You roll over with the luxury of a clock free day and decide to spend a perfect 10 minutes getting ready to greet the day. You feel the warmth of your bed and the quiet of the room, there is no better place at this moment.

This sort of sleeping in comes to few and far between. But when it does it makes the day flow with a certain calm that makes the fact that you have lost 1/2 a day in bed hardly matter at all.

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