Monday, 12 July 2010

Small Things #12 - Bargains (aka I've been shopping again)

Today's small thing is actually a double post.  You see its school holidays and although I LOVE having Jack home it still means that I am on mummy duty more and have less time to chill and focus on the small things.

Today after sending the little one to school I took Jack and his friend from across the road out to do a few errands.  I decided that as a sweetener we would pop to the second hand shop.  In hindsight it was really a sweetener for me, cause the boys were just enjoying running around together.

So after my errands which cumulated in me finding out that 1. One pair of boots I kind of want don't come in my size and 2. The other pair that I really want are so narrow I couldn't fit my foot in and so I have to start my shoe search all over again.  Off to the second hand store we went.

I had it in my head that I wanted to get a short denim skirt.  As I have mentioned before, I often go second hand shopping with an item in mind.  That is a dangerous way to shop because you are inevitably disappointed.

But today I found a great denim skirt.  The price was a bit more than I had expected to pay but I have been looking for a few months and so I bit the bullet.  As I took it to the counter the woman mentioned that there was a store wide sale today and that everything was 30% off.  Huzzah!  I resisted going back and grabbing every other thing that I had looked at but decided against.  Because in the end even a bargain stops being a bargain if you don't really need it .... doesn't it?

Sometimes a bargain is something cheap, sometimes its just something that is less than you wanted to pay, sometimes its something free, or something full price that you happily have enough money to pay for.  When was your last bargain?

In the last few days I have had a few

- Pinky mini skirt
- Denim skirt
- Pair of kids Colorado sand-shoes
- FREE old fashioned cocktail soda maker thingy
- FREE collapsible stool
- bag of kids clothes (for $5)
- 4 x weird little cheap toys that the kids picked up
- 4 x books
- A really cute red pyrex bowl
and a whole bunch of other little bits and pieces that escape me at the moment.

In the end we stopped of at 4 different second hand shops.  Got rid of that 'gimme gimme gimme' feeling.    All for the bargain price of under $30.

A bargain can lift your spirits.  Fill your wardrobe.  Keep the kids occupied.  And a million other things.  So thank the god of bargains next time you find something that brightens your day.

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