Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Small Things #13 - School Holidays.

I've purposefully stayed away from talking about awesome parenting moments. Mostly this is because I know a lot of people don't have kids. But also because so much of the time I spend noticing my own small things has to do with my kids. I feel like this blog, in a way is a tribute to noticing the small delightful things that my kids do. And so a whole month of that could be ... Well honestly it could be quiet boring to everyone.

But it IS school holiday. And that is something so predominant in my mind that it deserves a post all of its own.

I know that school holidays are hard. Its something that is written all over facebook, and talked about in parks. But really all this extra time just to wind down and connect with your kids has to be a blessing. It's just hard to see within all the madness.

So today's shout out to all the parents of school aged kids. Try and find the small awesome things in the last 2 days of the school holidays.  Find the things that remind you of how amazing your children are. Get on the floor with them, laugh with them, let them pick the activities of the day and attempt them with good humour and patience.

Trust me at some point after all the hallelujahs on their first day back at school you will miss them. It may only be for a moment and it may be when there is no one else in the house to get the remote after you have just sat down. Either way, you will miss them *grin*

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