Monday, 5 July 2010

Small Things #9 - Finding Something Your Looking For

In a world full of things its amazing how rarely things get lost.  I for one am often shocked at how the children and I can find some random thing that the kids suddenly want.  Its not like these things actually get put in the right place day after day.  But somehow we always seem to know where things are.

Think about it, think about something totally random that's yours and I'm sure within five minutes you will be able to put your hands on it.  Its amazing how our brain can store the location of the 100s of items we own.

But we get complacent.

We get used to knowing where everything is. And then one day something is missing.  Inevitably it is something that you really need this second.  Car keys, passport, the kids latest obsession.  Sometimes they are just tricking and you find it within a few minutes.  Mostly you find them at some point. Other times they go to the place where single socks seem to go.

Once in a while during cleaning you find something you didn't even realise was lost but you know that one day, probably soon, you would have been looking for that exact thing.  Tossing cushions, looking behind shelves, opening every bag and box all in vain because you realise that you would never have lifted that particular cushion or looked in that corner of the fridge.

You breath a little sigh of relief and put it back where it belongs.  Your relax, your get complacent, until the next time.

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