Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Anti Bucket-List

I saw this site today.  Basically the idea is the opposite of a Bucket List. Its a list of thing you never want to do again.  Things you wont tolerate anymore.  Things that you feel life is leading you towards that you just don't want to do. The woman who's blog I saw it on calls it her 'F**k It List'.

Now I'm a bit of a believer in the whole bucket list idea.  As long as its a list in progress, a list of things that you actively look at and find ways of crossing things off now, not waiting until you turn 70 to start.  And in the same way I think I can embrace the idea of a f**k it list.  So the idea is that you think of five things for your list.  Knowing me, mine would change on an almost daily basis.  But as it stands today, f**k it I don't ever want to:

1. Act old (wish it could be feel old but I think that may be out of my control)
2. Worry what people think (if it feels right and it hurts no one)
3. Run a marathon, climb a mountain or bike ride around the country (who am I kidding, I am never going to be that woman)
4. Laugh quietly.
5. Iron more that 3 times a year. (if it hasn't happened yet then let's face it, I'm never going to be that woman either)

So what would be your top five f**k it list things be? Or for that matter what are your top five Bucket List things? when was the last time you crossed either of them off? 

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