Monday, 16 August 2010

It Could Be a Four Coffee Day.

Today has not gone well.

1. Got to school to have Jack for the first time ever say he didn't want to go. I have pilates this morning and decided that this was the universes way of trying to give me a reason not to go (I'm good at finding reasons not to go). After lots of talking and cuddles, plus talking to the teacher and a friend to keep an eye on him I got the ok from Jack to leave.

2. Pilates was cancelled !!

3. Get home have coffee #1 and decide to scrub the house.

4. Start by hand washing the rug from the lounge room floor in the bathtub. Leave the bathroom while the water drains to go and watch 5mins of X-Files. Go back into the bathroom to find the bathroom floor ankle deep in water. Still have to rinse the rug so decide to just crack on and end up having so much water on the floor it makes it over to the other side and wets all the dirty laundry. Have coffee #2.

5. Decide to vacuum and wash floors. Vacuum cleaner decides to make all the right sounds and it seems to have suction but its not picking anything up off the floor.

6. Spend 20mins vacuuming same room until I decide to pull the whole vacuum apart to see if I can locate the problem. Manage to empty lots of weird things and a load of dust from vacuum cleaner on the carpet I just tried to get clean. Figure it will all be ok cause I'll vacuum it up once its fixed. Put it all back together.

7. Vacuum cleaner totally buggered and now the carpet I was trying to clean (been at it for an hour at this point) is dirtier than when I started.

8. Go out to empty washing machine of one load and put another load on. 

9. Accidentally push the start button instead of the open button.  Had (stupidly) already put liquid in for next wash so now have to run the towels through again. Which will take another hour. I still have 4 more loads of sloppy, wet, rug smelling laundry to go. Stop for five minutes and have coffee #3

10. Start chopping things to make casserole. Once most vegetables are cut go to get my one and only casserole dish. Only to remember that I dropped it last week and it smashed.

11. Looks like we are having vegetable soup again for dinner.

Some days you wake feeling great but the day seems to have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed.  I think its time for coffee #4 seeing that's its too early to start drinking wine.


Catriona said...

Lovely, it's never too early to have a glass of wine after a day like that.

Okay, maybe 7:30 am might have been pushing it . . .

Wondering Willow said...

Just thought it might be uncool to arrive at school/preschool tanked. But if you say so :)

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