Monday, 9 August 2010

My Week in Photos (or Close Encounters of the Idol Kind)

Photo by Treen, taken on iPhone (am I the only person who doesn't have an iPhone?) 

Last week has been busy.  The first half was busy with the kind of crazy boring stuff that is unbloggable.  But the second half has been filled with the kind of coolness that in so many ways defies explanation (plus I'm to tired to try :)

So these photos should cover most of the best bits.

Hamish turned 4 on Friday (isn't he just the cutest thing in the world).  We celebrated by going out to hang with Aunty Treena and Uncle Nick who have been in Camden for the week.  Hamish had a blast when Uncle Nick let Hamish play with his iPad.  This was incredibly giving of Nick seeing that his iPad is his current pride and joy.

It's super cute watching my kids play with Treen and her family.  Treens mum showed Hamish how to throw the ball in a way that it wouldn't hit their zombie dog 'Stinky Pete' and let him feed the fish.  And her brother walked him round the garden and talked about all the different plants.

Aunty Treena then read books, played Bakugan and generally listened to Hamish talk up a storm.  She even mastered skim reading the books in such a way that Hamish didn't realise that she was only reading a few words from each page ... a skill that took me years to perfect.

The next cool thing for the week is that it was finally time to go to the Opera House for the 'Graphic' events I booked over a month ago.  On Saturday a friend and I went to hear Neil Gaiman read his short story 'The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains'.  It was performed in front of 2000 people all listening to him read while a four string quartet played and images from artist Eddie Campbell flicked on a screen behind him.

See that tiny dot on stage .... that's Neil Gaiman.  I have written multiple posts about him so I wont go into detail except to say that in my eyes he is an absolute legend (almost verging on godlike).

Then on Sunday night the same friend and I went to the Kevin Smith event 'An evening with Kevin Smith'. It's basically a Q&A night and as always he was inappropriately hilarious.

And that not quiet so tiny dot on stage is the effervescent Kevin Smith.

These two men are in the top 5 of my pop culture icons.  And the fact that I was able to listen to them both in their relative styles over one weekend was one of the most awesome and awe inspiring things I have done.  Seriously, at one point there was talk of Neil being able to do a signing and I wondered how I was going to be able to stop myself getting on my knees and bowing yelling 'were not worthy'!!!


casso said...

I don't have an iphone either and have no desire for anything i-like...except I saw an ipad the other day and now I want one!

Gorgeous Hamish, I can't believe you are already 4. xxx

Wondering Willow said...

Phew Im not the last one. I may be the last iFan though. Our babies are growing up so fast, Im loving watching you little Teddybear and Harriet the Spy through your photolog. They are divine babe, you make very cute kids :)

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