Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Who in the Twitterverse?

Over the last few weeks I have been trying to get my head back into Twitter.  Its not that I don't get Twitter, I do.  In the same way as I get facebook, I can see peoples interest in it is.  The problem is that not enough of my nearest and dearests are using Twitter and so for me what is the point?

Then I remembered that a lot of people follow famous people.  So who would I follow.  The first few were easy, Neil Gaiman, Kevin Smith, Will Wheton but then who? Who do others follow?

So I decided to search for who are the most followed on Twitter?.  A few interesting facts (well I think that they are interesting.

- The Top 5 are: Brittany Spears, Ashton Kutcher, Lady Gaga, Ellen DeGeneres, Barak Obama.
- In the same order they have tweeted: 427 times, 6010, 454, 2484, 849.
- Al Gore is #40
- Perez Hilton has tweeted the most (for a single person not a company) with 49,038 in just 42 months.
- CNN have been members longest (within the top 20) at 44 months
- The longest in the Top 100 was Bizstone (whoever they are) at 53 months.

Did all of that help? not really.  I wouldn't follow any of the top 20 and only two or three of the top 100.  But it was interesting enough to share :)


funkylamb said...

I can't get into Twitter, I keep forgetting that it is there! I started following a few people (Stephen Fry, Eddie Izzard) but I am simply just not interested enough in their tweets to check-in too often.

Wondering Willow said...

I know its a tough one. I actually think that if all of my peeps were on Twitter I'd happily give up facebook. But seeing that in my personal cyber world, the twitterverse is a loosely populated planet, its not working for me. A lot of people I know are following Stephen Fry ... Maybe I need to give him a go .... truth is though I hardly care about the famous people I'm REALLY into :)

Kim said...

How about Nathan Fillion. Or his alter-ego Richard Castle. Or Felicia Day.

I also follow a lot of authors (mainly YA ones) that I like...

Anonymous said...

I'm at Offthescript. (Michelle Offen)

I follow a lot of industry related tweeters as well as people who are sharp and can write clever and concisely. Wil Anderson, Josh Thomas, Marieke Hardy, Stephen Fry, Shit My Dad Says (he's got a movie as a result of his tweets), Fake Penny Wong etc

Lots of great journos, too. eg Annabel Crabb and John Birmingham. Twitter is the place to be when something is happening politically eg change of Prime Minister aka #spillard

Wondering Willow said...

@Kim Felicia Day is a good idea. I'll give her a look :) @Michelle Im now following you and I have a few friends that are following @shitmydadsays so Im giving that I look as well.

Now Im wondering if I will be able to find all my more personal Tweets in amongst all the others :)

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