Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Household Chores I Despise.

Part of being a stay at home mum is that most/all of the household chores fall under the category of 'Things I Do'. This is something that I am comfortable with, although sometimes I am surprised at being so. But with Andrew so busy with his business and me not working outside the home very much it feels like a fair division of labour (most of the time).

But there are just some chores I can't abide. Saying that, it's either I do them or they don't get done. So this is my top 5 chores I despise (but do anyhow).

1. Bring in the groceries - I always thought that I disliked grocery shopping as a whole, but I have realized that I enjoy the shopping process. I mean what's not to like, I put on my iPod and walk slowly around browsing and picking out lovely food. But once I get home, dragging those heavy bags into the house. Clearing out the fridge and pantry shelves because space is limited and trying to find space for all the new bits is challenging is just painful. Plus (even though I have a shopping list) I often realise I have forgotten important things and even though I have spent a lot of money, the house isn't bulging with food as much as it feels like it should.

2. Mopping - well really I don't like any of the floor cleaning activities, but mopping is the worst. With a house full wooden floorboards, two dogs and two kids, it's a mammoth task. Pulling out lounges and picking up rugs. Vacuuming between, around and under everything so that all the bits of food and dog hair are out of every nook and cranny. If a jobs worth doing, it's worth doing well. And mopping can take me 1/2 a day to get them done. Then more often than not someone or something walks on them before they are dry and leaves dusty footprints over my newly scrubbed floors.

3. Hanging out the washing - the problem is that the best days for drying, are the days I least want to be standing outside in the sun.

4. Packing lunchboxes - every morning five days a week I have to find my childrens daily food intake and put them in a little box. Seeing that both of my boys eat a lot during the day it needs to be healthy, tasty, cover all the major food groups and able to last unrefridgerated. But seeing I'm not a baker, or a well organized mum it also needs to be quick grab and low maintenance. Not exactly what I want to be doing at 8am.

5. Making the beds - it's not really the making of the beds, it's the fact that more often than not, I have stripped the beds, forgotten and then as I go to go to bed realise their are no sheets on it. That feeling of being ready to snuggle in after a lazy evening on the lounge and then having to make the bed just feels like a cruel joke.

So that's my top 5. Truly ironing would be one of them, but I don't iron and scubbing the bath would be another (but I don't do that often enough for it to rate) and there are heaps more that would be in my top 20. The fact of the matter is that chore are just that, chores. No one really enjoys them but they have to be done to make life move forward. On days like today (when I meant to wash the floors but the day got away from me) I can see why so many people love their cleaners.

Watching - Big Love, season 5.
Reading - Still reading the Neil Gaiman edited compilation 'Stories'.
Listening to - Triple Js Hottest 100 of 2010.
State of mind - reflective, tired and a little glum. (nothing to worry about, just normal cloudy weather and just brought in the groceries state of mind)


Kristie said...

I dispise all of the same things - except for the lunch box thing. I actually really love packing tara's lunch box!

Wondering Willow said...

I hope I don't sound to negative when I say "give it time!" :) xx

Ten Coffee Day said...

Ooh, I've done the sheets thing more times than I can count. The only thing that is worse is realizing at bedtime that the sheets are still in the dryer and they didn't dry all the way.

Wondering Willow said...

Yep I've done that, your right that's about as annoying as it gets :)

Jo said...

Hi Leigh, your post had me nodding my head so much that I had to join in and wrote my own top 5 post - hope you don't mind me following on and linking to you (do tell me if you do and I'll take the link out). Jo x

Wondering Willow said...

Jo, I don't mind at all. And I agree with all of your despising as well. Except for the clean up after the kids eat. I have two fluffy vacuum cleaners (dogs) that take care of almost all spills and that just leaves me wiping down the surfaces after they have snaffled it all up. It's high on the eww factor but low on the work factor.

Jo said...

That sounds great - I need a dog!! Now if only they could be trained to fold and put away washing :-)

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