Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Valentines Day

As someone who's idea of celebrating valentines day was cleaning the house. These Doctor Who valentines cards made me surprisingly gushy.

For me, being in this long term relationship, means that I now see valentines as a mystery day that is seemingly for new loves. I may sound jaded but I'm not. Romance for me is Andrew taking the kids for the day, or cooking dinner when I don't feel like it, or my kids writing me love notes. I don't feel the need for a bunch of flowers on the 14th of february.

Saying that though I love valentines day for what it used to mean. Anonymous love notes in your mailbox, or random flowers turning up at work from a new fling. I love the idea of a day marked in the calendar when people feel free to express affection for someone they may not have the guts to express on any other day.

If you celebrate valentines, I hope you had a lovely day. If you don't (like me) I hope you had a smile at the 20 somethings buying or receiving their bunches of roses that cost a weeks wage, or the marriage proposals that scream kitch, or at least spent a little time yesterday remembering that once, valentines day was a day full of excitement and wondering if that boy you liked was going to finally declare his undying love. (even if he never did the anticipation is one of the joys of young single life I think)

Watching - Breaking Bad S3

Listening - The rain on our tin roof, the corellas and lorikeets making the most of the rain and the dogs snoring on their beds inside cause it's to cold and wet to put them out.

Reading - A million notes home from school. What to buy, when to pack what, and what's happening this year. (It's like a tree massacre in that school bag)

State of mind - I need a massage but am to lazy to leave the house and get one. Maybe tomorrow?


Ten Coffee Day said...

I heard a story on the radio about a botched proposal. The guy had the waiter bake a ring into a chocolate souffle. When the girl found it he proposed. She was disgusted because it was a 1/2 carat chip. Turns out she had gotten the wrong souffle. Sounds like someone you want to marry, right :\

Wondering Willow said...

Not exactly in the spirit of valentines day or a marriage proposal is it!! No I'd rescind the proposal if it was me!

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