Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Ride In Dalek

It's a sign of my inner geekiness, the magnitude of my want for a motorized blow-up ride in Dalek. I may even let the kids play in it ... but I make no promises. Ok, so the video is a bit dodgy and obviously the kids aren't Doctor Who fans. I mean seriously they don't look excited at all, just perplexed. They certainly arent showing the sheer joy that say, my boys would in one. Still I want a go! I Want a go! (The 30kg weight limit may be a problem)


Catriona said...

OMG, ride-in blow-up Dalek!

Wondering Willow said...

I know !!! I mean seriously we need two, a roller rink and some plebs to run around so we can exterminate them ... Or we could just use them as Dalek dodgems. I'm sure you've checked out Girl gone geek blog. I'm just going to link to her permanently :) so much cool stuff that I am now coverting !!

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