Sunday, 27 February 2011

Kids Parties (or The Birthday Grinch)

Balloons, kids laughing, cake, fairy bread, adult company, a glass or two of champagne, party bags, singing and general happiness.
This is a standard kids party.
Everyones happy, except me. I am the grinch of birthday parties. Oh I put on a good facade and smile and chat but really every inch of my mind and body is screaming 'get me the hell out of here!'.
Mostly, I despise kids birthday parties. Sure there are a few where my mood/kids/company all seems to work is some happy symbiotic way. But generally I can't stand them.
The funny thing is I can't figure out why. I mean fairy bread, good company, balloons, and a glass of champagne are all high on my list of favorite things.
Take yesterday's party. Ok it was one of my least favorite venues, the indoor play centre (oh the horror). But for two hours the kids ran, I sat and chatted with some lovely women, I ate some dodgy party food. I hardly saw the kids except to get them water, so why was I so grumpy?
There is something about hoards of kids running in a manic but happy kind of way that I think pushes memory about the old days when taking two kids to a party was just a crazy hectic affair full of meltdowns, sugar overdrive, loosing kids and my mind.
No matter how much I dislike parties of course we go. The kids love them and they are an important part of growing and strengthening their social circles. But if you're having a party the truth is I'm probably just grinning a baring it. It's nothing personal, it's not that I don't adore your kids or your company. It's just that I'm the grinch of birthdays.
Watching - Fringe S1, Big Bang new eps, Being Human new eps, Big Love new eps.
Listening - Joan Jett
Reading - Jacks homework, notes from school, waiting for the next book to pop off the shelves and grab me.
State of mind - a little crabby actually, for no apparent reason.

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