Monday, 24 November 2008

Gender Bender

No matter how I dress Hamish he gets mistaken for a girl. It could be because of his long hair, or because he is often dressed in purple and sometimes even in pink. 

Today he is dressed in blue and green but still today someone at preschool thought he was a girl.  The kids sometimes mistake him for a girl because of his long hair and when I mentioned he was a boy they had a little giggle and said why does he have long hair then.  Its interesting to me that in an area that is as progressive and open minded as the Inner west long hair on a boy can still cause confusion.

He found a clip on the road yesterday and wanted it in his hair, and even I thought he looked like a girl.

Maybe people think he's a girl just because he is so pretty :)


Catriona said...

It's odd: he never looks like a little girl to me--when I can see his face.

(Okay, except for the one photo with the star clip. That is a girly clip.)

There was one photo you posted from, I think, the Global Music Festival (around that time, anyway), which was taken from the back (so I couldn't see his face) and where he had his hair in two little pigtails, and I was confused for a second. Actually, I was confused until I saw a later photo where he was in the same outfit (the purple overalls).

But, then, children of this age don't have the bodily markers that we use to distinguish the gender of adults, so faces and gender-specific, culturally determined codes such as colour, clothing style, and hair length do play more of a role in gender determination.

But his face looks masculine to me. I wonder if that's because I already know he's a boy?

Tool said...'s the purple star clip holding back his long girl length hair that gives it away..... ;o)))

Wondering Willow said...

Actually he looks like quiet feminine to me sometimes even when hes dressed in blue .... and yes the hair clip and long *girl* length hair could sway that xx

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