Sunday, 2 November 2008

Workin Hard

This weekend I spent all of my time studying, sitting exams, reading and filling out submissions for my course. I have now completed 80% of the doula and 40% of the CBE course.

I finished all of my exams.  I got 100% for 5 of them and the other 3 I got above 80%, one of which was a total stuff up.  I got 2 question legitimately wrong (no worries about that) but one of the questions worth 5 marks asked you to enter all the correct answers and I put in all the wrong answers accidentally.

I was kicking myself, it was the first exam I had entered online and I totally lost my confidence.  I had been quiet nervous about entering these bits of work, especially the exams they were some of the only bits you could really fail and I hadn't taken and exam since my HSC.

Alls well that ends well I guess, I have only one thing left to submit and although it will be a long work in progress I can almost call myself a doula.

*end blatant self promotion*

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