Monday, 24 November 2008

Jack 0-4 (almost)

I did a slide show for when Hamish was born. This one is for Jack. Again I am reminded what an especially lucky mummy I am.


Catriona said...

What a clever woman you are! And, no, I don't mean in having babies, I mean with these lovely slideshows. (The babies were kind of clever, too.)

You're certainly an especially lucky mummy in terms of how photogenic your kids are. And didn't he get his little Jack face early on? I'd forgotten how quickly he started to look like Jack, if you know what I mean--babies are so, sort of, generic, for the first few weeks.

Well, whatever happens with future children, Jack will always be my eldest nephew. That's pretty cool.

Wondering Willow said...

Yeah, its funny looking through the photos it was amazing to see how the facial expressions Jack had at 6 months old arestill the same as the ones he has today.

Thanks, im feeling all teary and sooky now :)

Catriona said...

That's what I thought, about the facial expressions: he hasn't actually changed that much between two and four (while changing a great deal, in terms of growing, if that makes sense: he's getting bigger and much more of a little boy and not a baby or toddler, but his essential expressions and cast of features haven't changed much in that time).

But to see those expressions on his little baby face gave me a shock!

Melissa Baker said...

This is super sweet Leigh! Lovely for your kids to look back on.

Kristie said...

How utterly beautiful and serene do you look in the christmas photo dressed in red!

Red really suits you!! :D (yet I think of aqua when I think of you!)

Beautiful slide show!

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