Saturday, 1 November 2008

Words of a Two year old

Both boys are being very cute with the words they are using today. (See my previous post)

Today Hamish, Jack and I were sharing a bran muffin.  I wasn't sharing graciously seeing that they had already had their treat and were now guzzling all of mine.  Time after time they came back asking for more, finally I have said enough, the rest is mine and I'm not sharing anymore.

Jack looks disappointed and wanders off, Hamish stands his ground saying nothing but looking at the bag.  Finally he speaks and says "mumma (pause)  tiny bit (pause) pleeeease" its amazing how finding a new descriptive word can get mummy to do almost anything.  Tiny bit ...... It was so cute hearing this little boy whom I still think of as a baby say "tiny bit". He's growing so fast.

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