Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Boys and Their Toys

Last week the boys received easter letters each from their great grandparents. Inside was $10 each. Today I decided to take them to the local toy store and let them loose. The good thing about this toy store is that almost everything in it is groovy. Not a barbie/gun/disney toy in sight.

Its always interesting to see what they decide to pick. The first thing they both found were called 'Buzzing Magnets'. When you put them together they vibrate and make a buzzing sound. Both boys decided they wanted a set.

Next they both found some 'Jumping Putty'. Jack decided to get some and so did Hamish until he saw 'Blasters'. I used to love 'Blasters'. They are two hard balls covered in some kind of minor explosive powder and when you bang them together they make a loud snapping sound. In the madness I didn't think about the fact that explosive balls aren't probably the best toy for a 3 year old. But we have brought them already so now I will just have to wait for them to run out.

Of course we got home and about 5 minutes later the explosive balls were not as exciting as he thought and he was coverting the 'Jumping Putty' which is the consistency of play dough but when you throw it it bounces really high and in crazy directions.

And the lastly they both decided to buy rings. Jack got a T-Rex ring and Hamish got a lion ring.

So far the 'Jumping Magnets' are by far the favourite. Followed closely by the 'Jumping Putty'.  But we have come out on the street and the bigger boys love the 'Blasters' (which will hopefully run them out and then I don't have to worry about the whole three year old minor explosive powder thing).

I'm actually pretty impressed with what they have picked. I wonder if they would have picked these if they were faced with all the other trademarked toys and am glad that I don't have to find out (cause I'm guessing Ben 10 would win).


funkylamb said...

Oooh, what is this toy store of which you write?

Wondering Willow said...

It's Monkey Puzzle in Summer Hill. I also like Terrific Scientific in Annandale but MP has more 'girls' and babies toys.

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