Monday, 15 March 2010

Todays Haul (4) or the Unhaul

This picture doesn't show the colours well. The boots are fire engine red.

My neighbour came over on saturday to tell me that one of the second hand shops was having a half price sale on books. Of course I ran in and to my excitement it wasn't 1/2 price anymore all books were $1. Imagine 15 shelves of second hand books most of which were double stacked, all for $1. I was in paradise. Except for one thing. After an hour of browsing I had only found seven books, two of which I brought because I knew I would be able to resell them. I couldn't believe that out of all of those books there were so few I was interested in.

Luckily the rest of the weekend and today came up a little better. So this 'Todays Haul' post is actually after 3 days of browsing

Books -
* The Great Feminist Denial - Monica Dux and Zora Simic
* Honk if you are Jesus - Peter Goldsworthy
* Outcast, The Un-Magician - Christopher Golden et al
* The Baby Machine
* Samurai - Jason Hightman
* Charlottes Web - EB White (beautiful old copy)
* Greeneology
* Women who Dance with Wolves

Clothes and Jewelry -
* Wrap Skirt
* Super funky red suede ankle boots with medium heel
* Pink and brass cocktail ring
* 2 plastic bracelets (green and blue)
* Flowery coin pouch
* Blue flower ring
* Orange beaded bracelet

For Kids -
* 2 x blow up hippos
* 1 x mini flip book
* Crockery Cup
* Jelly Bracelets
* 4 x Torch rings
* A word/picture puzzle game

All in all a great haul and all for under $50 !! The boots were the most expensive at $15 and the torch rings were the cheapest at $1 for four.

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