Friday, 12 March 2010

Stylistically Challenged

This blog has always been about the bits a pieces that go on in my brain on any specific day. So it comes as no surprise to me (and shouldn't to you) that at the moment the topic that I am wanting to blog about is our (maybe) upcoming renos.

This isn't because the time is near but because this is the time for dreaming and wishing in lieu of any actual planning.

One of the issues that I am becoming keenly aware of in the dreaming process is how varied my tastes are. I'm wondering how, when you do have such varied tastes, do you pick everything from power points to the bathroom sink and make sure that it works together in a harmonious way. When does eclectic become ugly?

Take the kitchen. The part of me that likes clean and simple is dreaming of white. White bench tops, white cupboards, white shelving.  I think that, matched with our wooden floors, bits and pieces and the big wooden dining table in the middle this will give us a modern / casual feel albeit a bit borning. But then the part of me that likes to add a touch of personality gets involved and suddenly I'm loving that copper light fitting and those marine ply cupboards. And then 'argh' its messy, disorganised and nothing looks or works quiet the way I want it to. Not to mention that the part of me that wants the copper light shade must also have no idea of our budget cause it certainly doesn't cover $1200 light shades !!

But the part of me that's likes to be eclectic (let's call her Ada) doesn't like the all white idea. She thinks it looks boring and safe and its been done a million times before. Just as the part of me that likes the clean and simple ( let's call her Ethal) thinks that Adas ideas are simply over the top, over budget and altogether to much.

You see my dilemma!  I want it to be cheap, but I don't want it to look cheap. I want it to be simple, but I don't want it to be boring. I want it to be us but not the stylistically challenged us. And so it goes around and around.

Luckily this is the time for dreaming and the time for getting my ideas in order. Andrew will no doubt keep Ada in order budget wise and hopefully people like my stylistically brilliant step-mother will keep Ada's crazy ideas order while not allowing Ethals boring simplicity to take over. Somewhere in the middle is a very nice simple but eclectic home ... I hope.

So now to find a balance between wants/needs, loves/likes, simple/creative, and everything in between.  And probably no copper light shades (but I'm keeping the picture just in case).

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Karen Jordan said...

I like a bit of a white cupboard myself, but after having two kitchens with them - all I can say is they always look grotty and seemed to be covered in spilt drinks, beetroot juice, gravy (you name it - it shows up on them).

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