Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Art Installations

Its been a crazy week. Andrew has been away and work for him has been madness. The kids were both a little sick and all in all everyone has been to tired or grumpy to do much of anything. On saturday we had to go into the city with Andrew. While he got some work done the boys and I went to look at this gorgeous art installation that is in an alley way near the office. What you are looking at is about 50 empty bird cages and piped into the area is are bird calls. The boys were captivated and kept asking me who let the birds out, where are the birds and if there are no birds why can I hear them.

Then yesterday was the day that artist Spencer Tunick did his nude crowd shoot at the Sydney Opera House to celebrate Mardi Gras week. A friend and I decided to go and bare all in the name of art, self expression, or maybe just the want to have a reason to take our kit off with 5200 others on the steps of the opera house. It was freezing and so much fun. But of course for the more modest of us (me included) very challenging. I realised that I spent the first half an hour actively trying not to look down in the vain attempt to trick myself into thinking 'if I can't see I'm naked maybe no one else can'. Of course such mind games don't fool you for long and suddenly I came to the blinding reality of 'jesus I'm naked on the steps of the opera house with 5000+ other people'.

Of course I spent the rest of the day hoping not to see myself on the evening news and feeling absolutely amazed at myself for doing it in the first place.

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