Monday, 8 March 2010

More Thoughts About School

It's week seven of the school term and things are starting to settle in. I now know which activities/extra lessons are on which day.
Italian Class - Tuesday
Jacks News Day - Wednesday
Library - Thursday
Religion - hmm I think its Friday (out of the seven or so religions to choose from we chose Buddhism).

Jack has also started kissing me in the playground and going into class on his own. This stared two weeks ago with the bold statement
"Its ok mummy, I'll just kiss you here and go in by myself".

I am getting used to having to be out of the house by 8.45am five days a week which for a while I thought would never happen.

And the tiredness has started.

It's one of the uncomfortable side effects of Jack/kids going out being busy and stimulated yet restricted for five days in a row. Some days its fine, some days it comes out as sadness about everything (your not buttering my toast right, Hamish looked at me funny, I don't like these shorts). Other times it is coming out as anger. This is the more difficult one to cope with.

Jack is normally such an even tempered little guy.  In fact since he turned five he has become even more so. So when he decides to blow a gasket it comes as a huge surprise.  Today after speaking to me in a way that I thought wasn't cool, I told him he was not allowed to play outside with the kids in our street anymore. The result was enormous. There was a slammed door, lots of tears, some yelling at the top of his voice and even telling me that I am NOT A NICE MUMMY.

I'm a big fan of releasing your emotions and understand that as a family we all yell.  What surprised me is that I am getting better at seeing this during the yelling. Today we had this exchange.

J: Its not FAAAAIIIR, I want to go out and your not letting me, you are NOT A NICE MUMMY

Me: I understand you are frustrated at the moment sweetheart, if you could just calm down we could talk about how you are feeling.

A bit more raging and the after the storm was over and the crying headache had hit (poor little guy)

Me: I know when we are angry sometimes we yell and say things that we don't mean, would you like a cuddle
J: I'm so sorry mummy, I didn't mean it. Your such a lovely mummy. I was just really sad that I didn't get to play with my friends"

Me:  "It's ok, I know you love me and I love you even when your cranky".

And not only is the storm over but the rain has sunk into the earth and the cleanup crew is almost finished tying down the tarpaulin.

I'm wondering if these emotional outbursts are going to continue through the whole school experience? How do we deal with them? Is there anyway we can help Jack deal better? And I wonder how long my cool and calm attitude to them can last?

So these are the next lot of trials and tribulations about the change school is bringing to all of our lives.

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