Thursday, 24 March 2011


It's no news that I love my iPhone.  In fact Andrew often comments that he thinks I'm addicted.  He's not entirely wrong;


devoted or given up to a practice or habit or to something psychologically or physically habit-forming.

By this definition, actually, he's right.  The reason being that my iPhone does so much! It has replaced many different utensils in my life.  It is my phone, my gaming device, my book, my email program, my web browser, I check facebook and Twitter, I listen to my music, check the weather, It's my camera, my filofax, my blogreader and my torch. There are so many things that I use my iPhone for that it is rarely out of my hand.

The best thing is that these uses just keep growing.  The more I search through the online AppStore the more uses I find and the less often it is out of my hands.

So here is a list of my favourite Apps, skipping over the obviously useful and popular ones like email, facebook and internet readers:

Hipstamatic - Hands down my favourite photo app.  Its got some beautiful lenses and films.  Suddenly those great arthouse type photos I have coveted for years are at my fingertips, no skill required beyond picking the right camera set-up for the shot. ($)

Icredibooth - A very close second favourite photo app, but it's more specific.  It takes photos like you are in one of those old photo booths in the shopping centre.  At every chance I was dragging Andrew and the kids into these old booths because I love the candid photos they take.  Now I have one at my fingertips.  It doesn't quiet replace the proper photo booth photos because part of the fun is trying to fit four people into a space made for one, but still at $1 for the app (versus the $7 per photo at the shopping centre) it's a great app. ($)

iBooks - There are loads of ebook readers out there but this is the one that I use.  It works well, sure on the iPhone, its a small screen but I have decent eyesight so that isn't a problem for me.  And the fact that its backlit means that I no longer keep Andrew awake with my bedside lamp.  Plus I have 200+ books to read when I am out and about.  It was brilliant when I was in India because it meant that I could have a range of books without having to find space in my luggage. (free)

Soundhound - I can't tell you how many times I have been watching TV or listening to the radio and a song has come on that I don't know but wish I did.  In the past I have found some of these songs by spending time searching the web or waiting for another 4 songs to play before the radio announcer finally tells me what I was listening to.  With this app you turn it on and it listens to the music then it comes up with what the song is, most of the time with the lyrics and a link to buy it from iTunes.  You can even sing to it and it guesses what your singing, although you have to be able to kind hold a tune for this one. ($)

Soundtracking - Its a new app and I'm loving it.  I feel so out of the music world these days and this is a great way for me to see what people are listening to at the moment.  It is like Twitter but for music.  You can follow what people are listening to or see what music is trending and listen to a snippet.  It's linked to facebook and/or twitter and adds a post to tell other people what you're listening to at the time to shares the love. (free)

Words with Friends - Simply, it's online two player scrabble.  But unlike other online scrabble games you don't have to plan to have the time to play a whole game all in one go, you just take your turn when you have the chance.  I have been playing with someone called Metallican for weeks, we finish one game and start another but each game takes us about two days to finish.  I love word games but rarely have the time to sit down with actual people and play so this is a good filler. (free)

Honorable Mentions:

- Plants Vs Zombies - It's plants fighting zombies, what's not to like ($)
- Tiny Wings - the little bird can't fly so you help it jump from island to island, its cute with very sweet (basic) graphics and they give you missions to make the novelty last longer ($)
- Carnivores - guns, dinosaurs and spaceships that pick up your dead dinos, bring you ammo and move you around the map, I'm a pacifist, against hunting truly I am but boy I love this game (free)
- Fruit Ninja - cut fruit ... its that easy, best of all you can play online with real opponents ($)

- Flixster - check out what movies are on and when locally with the touch of a button (free)
- XE Currency - saved me when I was in India! Seeing that I'm terrible with numbers it was a quick currency converter that helped me decide what price I was willing to pay for things (free)
- Ocarina - lets you use your iPhone like a woodflute.  Why? Why not! (free)
- iTorch4 - turns the flash on your iPhone 4 into a torch, believe it or not I use this all the time (free)
- Netnewswire - news feed reader (blogs mainly) (free)

There are so many more, and quiet a few that I've tried and they failed me but the exciting thing is that I also know there will be more, and the uses for my iPhone will continue to grow.  What apps do you love? use all the time? Found and are just obsessed with? paid for and stink?

In the end Andrew is right, I may be addicted but seeing that it is the most useful device in our home and from my point of view saves us money in the long run, this could be one of those addictions that is a positive thing.

Reading - On my iPhone
Listening - On my iPhone
Watching - Myself killing dinosaurs or cutting fruit or my kids playing and photographing it on my iPhone
State of mind - well and truly but happily addicted to my iPhone :)

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