Friday, 11 March 2011

Words That Heal the World

I've had a bit of a rough of a week.  Full of ups and downs.  Hamish is going through some growing pains both literally and figuratively.  Jack has a cold and is also trying some new dominant boy types of behaviours.  We have had our second case of nits.  I've been unwell. Andrew is away and generally my brain is going a little topsy turvy.  The week has been filled with some pretty great things as well.  A few are particularly note worthy:

1.  I have some amazing friends.  This week they have dealt with my tears, angst, frustration and moods that have flown in all directions like professional psychotherapists.  It's amazing how a chat, laughing till you need to pee, a well timed text message, a glass of wine, an unexpected cuddle, or the offer to take your kids for an hour can lift the mood of a hard week.

2.  After talking to Jack and Hamish about how I need them to be a little extra chilled and helpful while AB is away Jack said "You know what I can do mum? Just near bedtime, I can look after Hamish and you can go out for dinner with your friends"  Awww bless, I didn't dare tell him that I felt that he was too young and just cuddled and thanked him.

3.  Today I said to Hamish "mummy is feeling like she looks old today" he replied "Let me look at your face mummy ... you don't look old, you look beautiful ... and your face is just a little bit bumpy, but not old".  Nice to know as my wrinkles start to show that my four year old still thinks I'm beautiful (albeit slightly bumpy). I bought him an ice-cream :)

So as of today, including Andrew still being away, finalising the nits problem, Hamish and Jack still having periods when they are challenging, I feel great, and lucky, and all together more together.

Watching - Fringe S3

Listening - The new track from The Herd - Sum of it all, and as always more Temper Trap

Reading - Back into 'Never Say Goodbye'

State of Mind - Still a little bit sick, tired and so very lucky

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