Thursday, 3 March 2011

Small Things - The Car Wash

Today after dropping Jack off at school I asked Hamish what special thing he would like to do on 'Mummy and Hamish Day'. Without skipping a beat he said "I want to wash the car in one of those squirty things". I knew exactly what he meant but I felt uncomfortable at the idea of spending $10 on a dodgy car wash just to make him happy. Then I remembered, I asked him! If I didn't plan on trying to go along with whatever idea he came up with what was the point? Didn't I ask him so that he felt he had some autonomy when it came to our days activities? So off to the car wash we went and as I fed the $10 into the machine I felt that pang of money down the drain, but it was too late. Then I saw his face, like the photo shows, he was completely amazed and I realised for that look, I'd pay twice as much even if it didn't manage to get the bird poo off the bonnet!

Watching - Nothing exciting. Fringe S1 and new eps of Big Bang, Big Love and Being Human.

Reading - Catching up on blog reading, Girl Gone Geek, Regretsy, and my friends blogs

Listening - Who has any extra time for music beyond the 5 minutes of radio time lol

State of mind - after catching up on the street with a gorgeous albeit fairly new friend who totally 'gets' me and whom I think I 'get' as well, far more like myself ... Phew!

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