Sunday, 20 March 2011

Painting, Rain and Pox

The problem with your child having chicken pox is the quarantine. Sure the actual pox are awful but I've got to say that the quarantine is (for me) worse.
Jack, Hamish and I have been housebound for a week now. They are being about as chilled as you can expect two uber confined little boys to be. I on the other hand, am going slightly mad.
The first few days were fine, but the last few have found me walking around the house sighing at every turn at how weathered and worn every room (bar the hallway) feels.
Skip to me convincing AB that painting the kitchen was a great idea (although we both must have been crazy to have thought that painting with two little boys at home, both of whom are feeling edgy, was a great idea).
Anyway, he in his infinite wisdom decided that I should wait for him and we would do it together. On one hand this was a great idea. It's a better job than I would have done on my own and it was finished in a day and a half. On the other hand, he despises painting, so the day and a half was filled with as much grown man complaining as it was bored children complaining.
It's been bucketing down for two days, so not optimal painting weather. But that being said, the sun has come out just as we have finished.
Without before pictures to show you, the above picture doesn't really capture the new and improved kitchen but just imagine grease stained duck egg blue walls and bright blue struts for the bench and bright blue splash back and your get the idea.
We ended up picking good ole antique white USA, for the walls after plain white was just too .... white. And the red is some weird colour I picked whilst trying to keep 'chicken poxie boy' and his older brother 'not sick, but stuck at home for a week' entertained from the confines of the shopping trolley. Not an easy or fun time was had by all hence the red colour that both AB and I keep looking at and wondering "how did that colour get to be part of our household?".
Please note that I don't actually think picking decor is a good idea under these circumstances as if you look at the kitchen from certain angles the red/ black and white laminate tile combinations has a 'race track' kinda feel to it.
The floors are to be done next weekend, which is to say, they probably won't be done at all. But if you stand in the kitchen and look straight ahead, it looks cleaner and fresher that it has since we ripped out the rotting old kitchen and put up the open shelving in 5 years ago. (I hated the blue splashback the minute I saw it, so it looks prettier than it has since we moved in)
Reading - Colour Charts
Watching - Weeds S5 and paint drying
Listening - The Nationals and James Blake and my favorites playlist on rotation
State of mind - Exhausted but pleased with the weekends work.

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