Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Home Alone.

Andrew is getting ready to go away for work again. Time was this would have had me quaking in my boots. But these days, what with the kids being older, and me being extremely used to it, I'm just getting my power mummy groove on. This means that for the next few days I'll be extra organized, extra chilled, and especially looking for a chat and catchup with others to give me that adult contact that seems so essential to get when parenting alone.

Why is it that we find it easier to be organized and chilled when we need to be (at times of stress)? And yet for the everyday we seem to constantly be chasing our tails about all of these things?

I have no answers for that one beyond 'We have to'. Saying that the small things do get left behind. Blogging for one, painting my nails for another. Hence tonights activities. So as long as the next 3 days go without incident I'll see y'all on the flip side. But if you see me on the street, I may well need an extra cuddle :)

Watching - It's Tuesday so new eps of Big Love and Being Human.

Listening - All of my favorites on a new playlist. (there's a blog post in that somewhere)

Reading - Hard to believe but still nothing. I've been a bit ill and still catching up on sleep.

State of mind - Calm, cool and collected (if you had of asked me earlier today it would have been SUCH a different answer)


Suzi said...

Hi Leigh I love your blog :) It's funny, when you mentioned your playlist I immediately thought "I'm so out of the music loop right now" but I'm right into my books. And then when I'm right into my music my book reading suffers. Do you find the same thing?

Wondering Willow said...

Hmm not so much. My TV/ Movies interfere with my music a lot. I go through periods like yours, obsessed with one and then obsessed with the other. I do the majority of my reading at bed time, so my reading is mostly affected by my social activity :)

funkylamb said...

Clearly the pudding factory needs to fire-up again...

Wondering Willow said...

From the Tarts and Vicars home bakery! Oh my just thinking of your willingness to concider it makes me feel very loved!! It's not necessary but the thought is beautiful xx

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