Sunday, 27 March 2011

People you Meet

The longer I live in this area the more I love it!

On Friday a friend and I decided to go out for some child free time. As always I said I wanted to go to the pub. For me there is no better place to chill out on a Friday night. You always end up meeting people or listening to music or just generally getting silly in a way you wouldn't do in a restaurant.

Because of budget constraints we decided to go to our local. It's a bit of a tradie/old man/parents with kids pub and not exactly 'the' place to go when your childless. Saying that I love that no matter what pub you go to in our area, the chances are you'll meet some interesting characters.

My night started with meeting an old school friend and talking for an hour. It always surprises me that even though I now live an hour away from where I grew up, I rarely go out without seeing someone I knew from school. It was fun seeing how one of the quirkiest people from my school days has turned out as an adult.

Then my friends arrived and we moved to dinner and chatting/laughing and general mischief making.

Two guys asked if they could join us and more hilarity ensued. Including some very candid conversations about circumcision, being gay in your 40s and leather play (I little too much information).

What was going to be a quick fun but fairly quiet dinner out turned into something quite different. Hence why I love where I live, it's all about the people you meet!

Watching - Child number 1 come up with the pox.

Listening - General kids noise and some complaining about the pox.

Reading - Same as last time, it's a big book and reading isn't high on the agenda.

State of mind - Refreshed and slightly hungover, ready for another two weeks of quarantine... Kind of!

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Ten Coffee Day said...

Sounds like you had fun. We definitely all need some time to get out and recharge as adults once in a while.

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