Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Bee Keeper Dreaming

I saw this bee today and ended up taking photo upon photo of it. I love bees. Look at him, he's beautiful. That gorgeous fluffy collar, the beautiful black and yellowy stripes, those big eyes and those wings like oil on water. What's not to love?

I often think about raising bees. I have a dream that I'll become a master bee keeper or even a minor one. What stops me? Well other than living on a tiny block of land that already houses two dogs, two kids and a husband who's allergic to bees and the answer not much.

What are your 'one day' dreams? What's stopping you? Truth is most of the time it's ourselves that stop us chasing our dreams. Sure we blame it on time, finances, freedom or whatever other roadblocks we put in front of ourselves but really everything is achievable and all roadblocks conquerable if we decide to make it so.

Take my bee keeping, if I really wanted to make it happen I'm sure I could find a space away from the house to raise bees. But the truth is I can only imagine giving this dream the amount of time it would take for me to wander to the bottom of our yard. So realistically the small block, kids, dogs and allergic husband are all the excuses I put in the way. And that's ok as well. Life has a way of using these roadblocks to stop you going off on mad tangents. They are a way of making sure that the things you dream are really worthwhile working towards. Unfortunately we often use them as reasons for never moving forward at all.

I'm going to keep my bee keeper dream in that box of 'one day' dreams and for now I'll just keep spending time with them whenever I get a chance.

Watching - The movie 'Never Let me Go' OMG sobfest. I loved it.

Listening - Goyte

Reading - Never let me go - Kazuo Ishiguro. Only just started it, I'll get back to you.

State of mind - Slightly frustrated (this mummy gig is doing my head in at the moment) but generally thankful that my life is so full of beautiful people (including my kids, easy to say now that they are asleep)


funkylamb said...

I have a persistent dream of being a baker, I was going to open a store called "Tarts and Vicars" (the vicars were going to be pies).
I didn't realise "Never Let Me Go" had been released - where did you see it? I just finished the book...

Wondering Willow said...

Tarts and Vicars is a great name for a bakery!! And I could really see you as a baker with flour in your hair and an apron :) The movie isn't out on DVD yet in Australia but I managed to aqquire a copy (if you get my drift) I'd be happy to pass it on if your keen. Did you like the book?

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