Friday, 2 October 2009

And so it Begins

Day 4

The picture above is of the view we woke up to this morning.  It looks perfect right? Well you'd be half right. During the day and early evening the camp ground was to die for, and then the night air came in and sounds started to travel more loudly and then we started to notice that you could hear the freeway.  By about 9pm the sounds of the trucks travelling along the freeway were so loud we may as well have camped in the medium strip.  Not to worry but it did keep us up for a lot of the night.

We made our way to Bellingen by 9.30am. By the time we arrived the camp ground was already packed. Apparently people started sneaking in at nine the night before.  We are happy with our spot but we are away from the people we know who had a guy on the inside stake a spot for then late last night.

Set up with the Uber rent-a-tent was easy even in the scorching heat.  We overlooked 3 other tent setups, men and women struggling in the heat with young kids freaking out from our spot in the shade and thanked the uber rent-a-tent.

Then it was a matter of whiling away the morning with a beer until the festival started at 6pm.  We wandered down to the river and cooled off.  Hamish slept while AB, Jack and I swam.  I feel like I have spent all year looking forward to jumping back into the crystal clear cool waters of the Bellinger river.

It was late by the time we headed up to the festival. Jack fell asleep as we waited to get in and Hamish saw a light-up sword and proceeded to spend the next hour pleading with us to get it for him. 

Then we felt the campers worst nightmare, the first drops of rain.  We high tailed it back to the tent to put the uncovered windows down.  Then in true AB and I style we decided that we may as well call it a night and stayed to hang out at the tent for a bit. Soon we are off to bed ... Party animals that we are <grin>

Tomorrow is another day, we hope to do lantern making, see the amazing drumming monkeys, dunk ourselves in the Bellinger again oh and maybe see some of the awesome music that is playing.

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