Friday, 9 October 2009

Memories and Pictures

I thought that I would share a few of the pictures that I took while we were away. This year I took a lot less photos. I'm not sure if its because we were busier, or maybe I was just to busy watching to think about getting the camera out. Also it rained a fair bit so thats not exactly conducive to photo taking.

Jack and Hamish playing on a statue of Edmund Barton in Port Maquarie

Playing by the water at the caravan park in Repton. What you cant see is that the tent is about 3 meters behind Jack. You also can't see how loud the traffic was after the sun went down. You had to hear it to believe it.

The main gate into the Global Carnival. This was one of 4-5 different archways that were all beautiful and sectioned off different areas.

Jack watching Tim play the Saxophone. You can sort of see the awe in his face in this photo. He is still asking to learn to play the Saxophone made for a 'four years old boy'

The lantern festival. These are the ones that are made by the professionals and then behind them are 60 children with little triangle lanterns on sticks.

Jack and I watching the Japanese drumming. Perfectly the rain stopped just long enough for the lanterns and the drumming.

The Never Never Creek. You can see how clear the water was. ABs hungry tummy was what got us moving from this spot. Otherwise I think the boys and I could have spent the best part of a day lolling around there.

Its lovely being home. One of the best bits about going camping is that it makes this old house we call home feel luxurious. Its raining and cold here and unlike camping we can just turn the heater on, jump in a hot bath and hide away from the weather until the sun comes out. Still I do keep thinking of packing the car up and heading back for a few more weeks ... I guess I will have to wait till next year

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