Thursday, 29 October 2009

Story from a 4 Year Old

This week has been a bit rough on Jack. He is having a few issues finding his place at preschool as the social dynamics between the boys and the girls are changing. Its hard to watch him struggle and I think that it explains a lot about his behaviour over the last few weeks.

Saying that there have been a few really cool conversations that have come about as we have discussed the way he is feeling and acting.

Me: Sweetie, you know how you feel when the bigger boys are treating you like that?
Jack: Yeah
Me: So how do you think Hamish feels when you do the same stuff to him?
Jack: Pretty sad and hurt
Me: Exactly! So I think that this might be a good time to have a think about what sort of boy you want to be. Do you want to be the sort of boy that hurts people when they don't act like they want you to?
Jack: No, mummy I just want to be like myself.

To which we had a long conversation where I tried to explain how perfect and wonderful that was but within that could he also maybe stop hitting his brother (even though his brother is driving him nuts)

That night as we were going to bed Jack decided to tell me what he sees when he closes his eyes

Jack: When I close my eyes I see another planet.
Me: What do you see on that planet?
Jack: Hang on a second, I'm still trying to see. I see the planet Jupiter ... still looking ... I see that there are aliens on the planet. They look like huge spiders and they have the mouth of a goat, the head of a sheep and the feet of a pig. They are very big spider :)
Me: Are they friendly or cranky aliens?
Jack: They are all friendly except for one who is very mean, the big king spider who wears a crown decided that he was going to have to scare the mean one until it went away and then they lived happily and didn't ever see the mean one again.

Just like he is seems pretty perfect and wonderful to me *blatant motherly gush*

On the Hamish is wonderful side, the other day we had this conversation;

Hamish: Mummy, your beautiful.
Me: Thank you baby, I think your beautiful as well.
Hamish: Mummy, I love you.
Me: I know my baby, I love you too more than anything.
Hamish: Mummy, your perfect.

You could say that I have him trained well but actually he is just the sweetest thing in the whole wide world ... well he comes in tied with his brother.

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