Thursday, 8 October 2009

Bye Bye Bello

We woke early this morning.  It was perfect pack up weather. Clear skies, slightly breezy and not too hot.  We had breakfast with our friends kids joining us and then they played and hid in the bushes while we drank coffee and looked at the tent wondering if all of my obsessive tidying and ABs pick of uber rent-a-tent would make for an easy pack up.  It did and we had everything in about an hour after we decided we should start.

Trish took Arieal for a wee in the bushes behind her tent where we had heard all the weird noises last night.  She came out looking pale with a stick and wool figure that had been in the tree.  She was certain that it hadn't been there the afternoon before and seeing that our two families were the only ones camping in the area it was especially freaky.  Also seeing that the figure had blonde hair and that voodoo doll / blair witch feel about it, I think we all were kind of ready to be moving on for a bit.

So now we are on the road.  Drove through Bello for one last time for 09 and I felt a little glum.  Like leaving a loved friend that you know you aren't going to see for a while.  We are hoping to push through and make it home tonight, so all going well (fingers crossed) tonight we all get to have long hot showers and sleep in our own beds.

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