Thursday, 22 October 2009

Weird Vampire Merchandise

Ok, so I have just stolen this from a friends tweet. Seriously how could I not share a post on the Weirdest Vampire Merchandise. Enjoy xx


Catriona said...

Oh, that last item! My brain broke halfway through (you know where), but I almost didn't tweet it on the strength of that last item!

It's not that it sparkles--it's that you can refrigerate it for an authentic experience.


Wondering Willow said...

Haha yes the 'authentic experience' comment did make me gag a little. I also thought the real heart was so queer that even I was shocked

Catriona said...

The real heart is not something I'd ever want in my home, no. Even former-Goth Nick thought that went too far.

And while I do understand the merchandise-collecting fanboy or fangirl (Nick's a bit that way) even though I've ever been that way myself, the $100 stake is a little much.

But the reusable sanitary napkin? With a vampire on it?

Double shudder.

Wondering Willow said...

Yeah the reusable sanitary pad takes kitsch to a whole new level. Mind you I have quiet a few contacts that use cloth pads and I think I would prefer vampires over teddy bears.

Catriona said...

Oh, I get the whole "reusable" aspect: it's quite good sense. Not for me, because I'm too lazy, but at least it reduces landfill.

But I think, if plain, unpatterned cotton wasn't an option, I'd rather the teddy bears. At least they don't have the same . . . associations.

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