Monday, 19 October 2009

The Bikini Incedent

Today I had a bikini wax. Alright maybe thats to much information but the thing is it is a perfect example of 'you get what you pay for' so I'm willing to share.

A few months ago I got a bikini wax at a local place that specialises in nails. It's the sort of place where you can walk in and almost always get a wax, tint or pedicure there and then plus they are cheap. So I walked in last minute and asked for a bikini wax. The woman grabbed my hand and dragged me into the back room. I lay in a brightly lit cupboard on a vinyl massage type table the woman stood there and looked at me. I figured that I should probably strip of to my knickers and lay down. She didn't speak as she reefed my knickers aside and started slathering on the wax. I mentioned what it was that I wanted and she glared at me as if I had asked her to wax it into a heart shape (I didn't by the way) and started ripping. It didn't hurt so I figured that she must be doing something right. Lets just say before this gets too detailed that she was very rough, didn't speak a word and treated me so rough that I almost felt dirty. Then suddenly she walked out of the room so I figured it was time to get dressed. I walked out, my attacker was nowhere to be seen. I paid and left.

When I got home I realised that I had a lot of wax left on me, most of the hairs were broken not ripped out as they were supposed to be (which would be why it didn't hurt) and it was all uneven.

Today I decided to get another bikini wax (well its summer) and I went to the local day spa. I had assumed that they would be uber expensive but for the wax I wanted it was only $25.

I walked in and they offered me a drink of water and took my details about allergies etc. Then she told me her name and asked me to follow her into a large room with a shower, dim lighting and soft music. She asked if I wanted to wear my own underwear or if I wanted to use the disposables. I said I wanted the disposables seeing that the underwear I had worn to the last wax were ruined and I needed to throw them out.

She then told me to change, lay on the table and put a pre-warmed towel across my lap and left the room. Once she came back in she asked me what I wanted in relation to shape and style. They were interesting questions and ones I had never had to think about before. She then lay me down and put cooling compresses on my eyes with a soft wheat pack on top. As I lay there in the dark I noticed that the table was warmed. I could hear what she was doing, turning the lights up, applying the wax, talking and waiting for it to cool enough to rip off. It didn't hurt and I was a little worried but it occurred to me that it was because of the pressure that she applied afterwards instead of it not pulling the hair out by the roots. Afterwards she plucked any random hairs and applied some soothing cream. Then she took off the eye compress, poured me a glass of water and told me to take my time. I couldn't believe it. I had been planning to have a massage afterward but I felt so relaxed after my pamper that I didn't feel I needed it.

Ok Ok, so this is a truly a post with to much information but really for $5 extra had a wonderful 1/2 hour where I can barely even remember the fact that she was pulling my hair out by its roots. So how could I not blog about it.

PS I managed to get through a whole post about a bikini wax post without saying the word vagina .... yay me .... hang on ... bugger


Kristie said...

after being seriously scarred (mentally) and marginally scarred (physically) by a bikini wax, I have been absolutely terrified of ever getting it done again.

But you may just have convinced me... I might even get my legs done! *Gasp*

Wondering Willow said...

Wow K sounds like an awful experiance. I certainly wouldn't recommend the 'cheap' place but i think that the spa would even respond well if you told them you were a bit freaked out. Let me know if you go :)

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