Thursday, 22 October 2009

Conversations with a Grown Man (2)

After receiving an email telling me that AB has an early meeting tomorrow. (yes we are ruled by our technology)

Me: Oh gosh babe who books a meeting at 7.30am
(reading a little further)
Me: Hang on is this meeting at the Hilton? for breakfast? does this say complimentary parking?
Me: Babe thats not a meeting its a bloody technology conference ... everyone knows you only go to those things for the free food and drink and apparently free parking
Me: Here was I worrying about you and your work load and your going to a ladee dah conference
AB: (looking cheeky) It's still work
Me: No! No! waking in the middle of the night with vomit in your hair THATS WORK, this is a party.


John said...

Hmmmm! For someone who used to work in Technology companies me thinks you choose to forget how business is done and information disseminated.

"...please come and let us tell you about our new product/service, and by the way, it'll only cost you $35 for parking and make sure you bring your own egg and bacon roll or it'll cost you another $25 for breakfast.."

Vomit in the hair ain't work, it's an inconvenience, and like a 7:30 business meeting a consequence of one's life choices.

Me thinks you are not being entirely fair...

...soothing, wheat encrusted bikini-wax anyone! :)


Wondering Willow said...

I do remember these sort of meetings and while I am sure they are important to attend I seem to remember often leaving early to go to the pub, with AB :) Plus this one was complimentary parking and Buffet breakfast.

"Vomit in the hair ain't work .. consequence of one's life choices." Well all I have to say to that is shush you !!

and keeping ones bikini line in order at this time of the year is VERY important


John said...

>>I seem to remember often leaving early to go to the pub, with AB :)

Aaah! young and in love with no time for anything else but to stare into each other's eyes over a pint!


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