Monday, 23 November 2009

Adventures with Boys (TMI)

For those of you who don't want to read about penises' stop reading now. It could be to much information (TMI)

Because I have two boys and the penis is something that we talk about a fair bit.  We talk about anatomy in general a lot but the penis is the favourite.

We talk about the structure; forskin, scrotum, testses etc and we talk about what we do with it; how to clean it, where the wee comes from, why is mine smaller than daddies and so on.

This has been made more challenging by the 'Why' stage.

Jack didn't really go through a 'Why' stage he went through a 'What is' stage and that was ... Interesting.  But in true Hamish style (meaning that he likes to fill any gaps that Jack leaves in our parenting journey) he is fully into asking why.

Todays why's were about what else but his penis.  Why is it that colour? Why does my forskin come back? Why do we wee out of our penis? Etc.  This was made harder by the fact that he is tired so the answers I gave did not seem to fit his criteria.  So conversations went something like this;

H: Mummy, what's this called?
Me: It's called the head of your penis
H: Why?
Me: I'm not sure probably because it's at the top.
H: But why is it called the head?
Me: Umm like I said sweetie probably because its at the top.
H: But why?
Me: Hamish, I already told you sweetie I'm not sure what you want me to tell you?
H: (loudly) But why IS it called the head?

Cut to me wandering away with a 3.5yr old following me around yelling quiet loudly but not angrily WHY IS IT CALLED THE HEAD OF MY PENIS??

Needless to say I'm very glad that this conversation happened in the privacy of our home and not in the supermarket!

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