Friday, 13 November 2009

What Goes Around

Do you believe in 'Karma'? You know the idea what goes around comes around.  I do, I'm pretty sure I always have.  There are certainly times when life seems to be repayment for me giving it forward, or others when life is giving it back.  A perfect example is the coffee in the photo.  Let's start with the raffle ticket though.

A week ago I was selling raffle tickets at preschool for our fund raising night (that happens to be tonight) one of the dads said that he would like one ticket but as he gathered his change together he realised he was a bit short.  I have never had a conversation with this man but I knew I had some spare change in my bag and told him that I would donate the rest for him (of course I also told him if he won anything good I'd happily take half). 
One of the women also selling tickets said "don't worry about putting the money in it doesn't matter if the kitty is a few cents short" but it felt like the right thing to do was just add my change.

Today I went for a drive to buy a coffee.  We are out of beans and I didn't want to get the sleeping children out of the car to run into the supermarket.  After I parked I looked in my wallet and realised I only have $3.40 and had chosen one of the more expensive coffee shops.  I walked in and asked how much a small coffee was *fingers crossed* it was $3.30

"Great" I thought then the beautiful barista (literally and figuratively) said but a large is only $4

I smiled and said "nah a small is fine luckily I have $3.40"

He started making my coffee and then said "Would you have liked a large?"

"Um yeah, but I'm fine with a small"

He then presented me with a large coffee smiled and said
"That will be $3.40 please"

Call it karma, payback or maybe I just flirted outrageously with the beautiful barista (I didn't by the way) but whatever you think, I think it was proof of karma in action.

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