Friday, 13 November 2009


This is really just a snippet of a post that really should be very long but I cant give writing it the mental clarity that it deserves at the moment.

Needless to say that I sort of feel lost at the moment. Its been quiet a few months in the making and I'm Ok with it. I'm just feeling it, playing with it like a handful of clay trying to see what comes out at the end. To try and help me clarify I started writing it out. Not as in a diary but a story of sorts, using different people I know and myself as inspiration for the characters.

I have no intention (although maybe a little hope) that it will ever be finished. It may never ever really get started but last Monday I wrote over 2,000 words and that it about 3 times bigger than anything fictional that I have written before.

So what is this blog post all about. Well I went onto Neil Gaimans Magnificent Ocular Journal. I wont tell you exactly what I asked but it something along the lines of "what now?" this was the response that I got;

And if you're on holiday, you can write your own novel with your toes waggling in the white sand and finish another chapter.

Now you cant tell me that isnt' a little freaky .... and a little bit cool

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Kim said...

I just passed the 19,000 word mark last night for my novel. I'm so freaking proud of myself it's ridiculous.

Before this, the longest thing I ever wrote was about 5,000 words, and I struggled with that. In comparison, this is a piece of cake! LOL!


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