Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Beach kind of Day

I am not a beachy kind of person.  I love the water when its in a river or backyard pool but generally I can take or leave the beach.

Last sunday the weather man was predicting that the we were going to have a heat wave and so a few of my friends started talking about going to the beach.

My first thought was ... You've got to be kidding, its going to be super hot, its all sandy, the kids won't go in because of the waves and there will be me on my own (AB had a golf game up the mountains) with two hot cranky kids, my huge bag full of beach paraphanalia and I don't even like the beach in the first place.

My second thought was ... Get over it and just go you never know you might even enjoy yourself.

And I did! Mostly because we went to a beach with no sand or waves (which are the two things I don't like about the beach) the clouds were covering the sun so it wasn't too hot (yet) and you got to dive off the rocks swim in crystal clear water for a bit and then go and sit in the shade next to a rock while the kids play in the rock pools gathering sea shells, looking at anemones and paddling in the water.

For the first time I left the beach wondering when we could go back again.

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