Monday, 9 November 2009

Newtown Festival 09

Its been one of those fortnights. You know the sort, your so busy you can hardly catch your breath, and then you look back and can't figure out what the heck it was that was keeping you so busy.

This weekend we had a friends birthday party. For some crazy reason known only to them it was an 80s theme party. I spent a disproportionate amount of time looking up 80s fashion and seeing that I was in charge of bringing the music I also spent a fair amount of time researching the best of 80s music and sourcing it. Anyway more about the party once a friend uploads all of the photos she took.

Then yesterday it was Newtown festival. It took a while to get us motivated to leave the house. Instead of the stinking hot day it normally is on festival day it was raining in that fine misty rain that means that you have no real excuse not to leave the house but still can't be bothered getting wet.

We jumped on a bus, walked around with the 90,000 other people, met up with some friends and chatted for a little bit then walked around a bit more and went home. Some years its all about finding your spot and hanging all day ... this year it was all about having a laugh while you check out the grooviness of where you live and then going home while everyone is still in a good mood :)

The coolest part was that we saw Mr Incredibubbles the worst part was that it seems Mr Incredibubbles is actually not so incredible. Not only did the majority of his bubbles not work but he was so cranky he kept freaking out at the kids crossing the line and ended up saying in a very gruff voice 'thats it I need a break, you all have to get lost'

Not a bad turn out for a drizzly day, lots of great music including Hermitude and The Crooked Fiddle Band who we saw play at last years Global Carnival (they rocked)

As always the festival brings every sort of personality type out of the woodwork. This guy had "Sledgehammer" by Peter Gabriel playing full blast and was dancing on the awning ... as you do.

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