Friday, 13 November 2009

Tale from the Dentist Chair

I am not a woman that is scared of pain. I have had a homebirth for goodness sake. I also once let a woman who was learning to take blood have four goes at finding my vein (count it 1-2-3-4) but there is something about the dentist which inspires its own type of terror in my heart.

A while ago I was having some pain in my mouth. I had a feeling that it was a dodgy crown thanks to the last dodgy dentist I had seen, so I chose a new dentist to look at it. The issue wasn't with my crown but with the filling in the tooth next to it. She pulled the filling out and put a temporary one in and said to come back in 6 months.

Jump forward to earlier this week (which is apparently 2.5 years later) I had been noticing that my temporary filling was starting to disintegrate but in true 'Me' form kept putting off making an appointment. Then yesterday it started to hurt a little and I realised it had finally given up. So I made the appointment.

I was going to fill you in on all the awful details but I will summerise;

* 4 Needles
* New dental nurse who didn't seem to realise that she was pulling my mouth almost to the point of tearing with the sucky thing
* The dentist pointing out all of the issues with my teeth
* Me feeling like a naughty school girl for a. not flossing my teeth b. not going to the dentist every 6 months
* The dentist telling me that I was very sensitive (yes hello you have 4 hands and 3 instruments in my mouth)
* tears running down my cheeks while I was a. feeling very vulnerable b. being hurt c. wondering if this guy was just trying to make money out of my mouth.

So now here I am, my mouth feels huge numb and yet still sore. I just spilled my coffee because my lips aren't working properly. I am meant to make another 'maintenance' appointment but don't want to cause every time you go to the dentist its humiliating painful and scary.

Im sure that if I went more regularly then not all of my memories of the dentist would be so traumatic .... maybe I'll make the appointment after a good nights sleep or a few glasses of wine

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Anonymous said...

Hi Leigh! Just doing some late night surfing when should be sleeping and saw this post, not sure if you check comments on old posts? Anyway... I have similar dentist stories from the past but have a guy that doesn't give me grief, treat me like a naughty school girl or try to get me to pay for his holiday home (when most seem to!!). If you want his name let me know, or maybe we can just swap dentist stories and commiserate together :-) Hope you're well, Jo x

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