Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Neighbours

Just in case you can't tell, the green bushy stuff in front of my folded laundry is rosemary.  My neighbour brought it over this afternoon (actually he is not my neighbour he is my neighbours husband.  He lives in his own house around the corner, a relationship idea that some days seems like a good one)

The fact that he (a 70 odd year old man) walked past the quiet large rosemary bush that lines our front path seemed not to matter to him.  He had cut bits off his big rosemary bush and knocked on my front door asking if I wanted any to save it being wasted.

This is my neighborhood.  People often knocking on you door asking to borrow things (last week a neighbour asked to borrow my car because hers didn't have a car seat) asking you random questions (are you a JP or is there one in the street) or giving you gifts (last time this man was on my porch it was with an arm full of very strange magazines that I will never read). 

Somedays the interruptions to the sanctuary of your home are unwanted (2 weeks ago the old lady across the street came over and said she wanted a cup of tea. At the time the house was a mess the kids were screaming but she was 1/2 way to my kitchen before I could stop her) at other times they are a welcome reminder of the community we live in (2 days ago I walked next door and told my neighbour that I wanted a cup of tea and was 1/2 way to her kitchen before she could stop me)

Its always swings and round-a-bouts.  A few days ago a neighbour needed a litre of milk, today I went across the road to ask for some blu-tac.  A few months ago on a public holiday 5 of us stood in the middle of the street and wondered what we were going to cook for dinner (none of us realising that the shops were going to shut so early) so I gave one woman a can of tomatoes so she could make spaghetti another loaned me an onion so I could make a casserole and so it goes.  We all swapped ingredients until we had enough to make something respectable for dinner.  No one even talks about paying you back or replacing anymore we all know that we get it back one way or another.

A few months ago my neighbour needed some extra mince and a can of tomatoes for her bolognaise I gave her extra and she made enough to feed my family and hers.  Not to mention the Christmas party where we close the street off pull out our tables and chairs and share a meal.  Normally its the old man across the road who dresses as santa but last year it was AB and this year I suspect it may be the guy next door.

So now I am looking at all this rosemary.  Tonight I will cook potatoes with fresh rosemary because he is right it is a shame to waste it.  I might also strip a bit more off, leave it in the lounge room and use it to make the room smell nice.  And every time my neighbour gate crashes for a cuppa or I get sick of living in the city I remember how awesome it is that I live with these neighbours who have become something similar to family, can't live with them but would be lost without them.


Karen said...

You're almost making me miss Gordon Square, but not the parking debates. Wish we could drop in for the Christmas party - but have a drink for us instead.

Wondering Willow said...

Its pretty cool to see that word 'almost' in there Karen. It must mean that you have found somewhere pretty special in the world. You are very missed the Square hasn't been the same without you guys and as much as we adore Juliette and family there are a few neighbours we would happily swap to have you home or should i say back cause I don't suppose this is home anymore.

I will certainly have a drink (or two) for you at the party xx Give our cuddles and kisses to your boys xx

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