Sunday, 29 November 2009

Someone Like You

When I was young I used to love looking for similarities between my parents and myself. There were funny things like the way that my dad flicks his toes when he watches TV. There were physical things like the way my mum laughed. There were things that seemed hard to grasp like the fact that Dad and I see the world in similar way and often have similar wants ... these ones are harder to put down as nature verses nurture but still they were similarities. I have all of these traits and I found them comforting. Proof that I belonged with them, to them

I am starting to see some of Andrews and my traits in our children. The way that Hamish burns brighter the more tired he is. This means he talks a million miles an hour and starts dancing and singing then sits down and falls asleep in two seconds flat just like me. He also has ABs tenacity the ability to set his mind to something and work tirelessly at it until he has achieved it. For example AB worked four jobs at 20 something to get the money together for a house. Jack has his dads cool head and my emotionality. It became very obviously today when I had the following conversation with Jack.

J: Mum.
Me: (Looking up to see him sitting with tears in his eyes) Yes babe, what's up?
J: Sometimes when I draw a 'Happy Valentines Day' I get happy sad.
Me: What do you mean honey?
J: When I draw a happy valentines day sometimes I happy cry.
Me: Sorry baby, what's a happy valentines day?
J: You know when you write something for someone you love
Me: (still a little perplexed) What are you writing baby?
J: I'm drawing a picture of Hamish with a love heart for a head and it made me happy sad.
Me: (still trying to catch up) You got happy sad because you were drawing about how you feel about Hamish?

He walked over to me with a picture of Hamish with a love heart for a head and told me that he didn't want me to tell Hamish it was a drawing of him, but that I needed to keep it forever because it was all about how much he loved Hamish and it was very special.

Ohh happy sad indeed. A concept I know well and that my children often bring out in me. That is one trait I am happy to pass onto my children.

It was a very simple drawing compared to his usual creations but I will keep it, I hope forever.

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