Saturday, 21 May 2011

Glinda The Good Witch

I mentioned in my mother's day post that I knew Andrew, on behalf of Hamish, had brought me a ring. It's garish, and slightly tacky, sparkly and absolutely perfect.
I have been wearing it every chance I get and being huge, tacky and extremely shiny, people can't help but notice and comment.
Oh how I love it!!
Watching - Love and other drugs, pretty cute rom-com.
Listening - Children bickering (lord give me strength).
Reading - On page one of The City and The City by China Melville.
State of mind - Mostly relaxed, slightly aware that with Andrew away for the week this will probably change. But feeling good about the fact that this is no longer something that is so terrifying I contemplate going to bed and waiting it out with my head under the covers.

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