Thursday, 26 May 2011

Lost Loves

Today I've been thinking about people I have loved.

I think I'm pretty lucky, I have and do love easily and frequently. Even more luckily I feel I have been loved equally in return.  Sometimes these are huge all encompassing lifetime loves and sometimes they are as fleeting as a hummingbirds wings in flight.

I'm not talking boyfriends or lovers just people who have touched my heart.

It's one of the interesting/challenging things about social networking sites like Facebook. Sometimes one of these past loves that I haven't spoken to in years suddenly, without warning, pop up on my screen.

This week it's happened a few times.  I have seen photos of their babies, of someone else's wedding and some were just of someones life. I feel like reconnecting but I know I won't. We didn't stop being in each others lives after some major incident.  We grew apart or moved away, we changed or didn't or maybe we just had our time.

But tonight I'm feeling lucky when I think back at all of the love I've had. And so happy that I got to see a little snippet into their lives and seen that they are happy. I hope they know when they pop up on my screen that I smile to myself when I see them. And even more I hope they do the same when they see me.

Watching - Glee S2 finale.

It's been quiet on the listening and reading front with AB away.

State of mind - Reflective and a little soppy about it (so it's business as usual)

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