Tuesday, 10 May 2011

One Tooth Down

Today Jacks wobbly tooth finally came out. After lots of wiggling and fiddling at my request, he decided it was time to give it a proper pull and pop, one tooth down.
Funny how these mummy moments make me all teary and proud and sad all at the same time. Jack on the other hand was immensely proud of himself and wanted to call daddy (who is in Melbourne on business) straight away.

Saying that I just got all snuggled into bed and was about to turn the light out when I realised that I had forgotten to swap the tooth for the donation from the tooth fairy. Gosh it's really the small details that's hard to keep track of when your parenting solo.

Watching - crankily I've just finished the remake of the UK show Survivors without realising not only did they only make two seasons but they left the second season as a cliff hanger. Grrr

Reading - Game play walkthroughs for some hidden object/puzzle apps I downloaded. (I may have a gaming addiction ... Is there a support group for that?)

Listening - to weird bumps in the night? Why do household night sounds sound so much more ominous when your home alone? Not helped by the fact that as a babysat for a friend last night a book jumped a meter off the bookshelf and into the floor. The child (bless) said he thought it was the wind which outwardly I agreed with but kept a lookout for weird cat behavior for the rest of the night (you know, cause cats have that whole sixth sense thing). Of course the cat then thought it was hilarious to grab a sock and run back and fourth around the house with it in her mouth. It was a whole great kids, creepy books, freaky cat situation :)

State of mind - teary, proud, slightly annoyed about the state of television these days, and a little skittish :)

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Ten Coffee Day said...

I just hate when you get invested in a show and it gets canceled with no resolution. They could at least put out one more episode to try and wrap some stuff up or release a synopsis of what would have happened had the show been renewed.

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